Boloh Miranda Izquierdo

  • Boloh Miranda Izquierdo (1986) is an artist and filmmaker based in Quito, Ecuador. He is currently a producer and film director at LLEGO films collective, and co founder of Tawna: Films from territory . His work has been linked to the visualization of dispossessions and injustices in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Boloh´s audiovisual work is a continual denunciation of the systematic violence imparted by extractivism in the rainforest. His work includes a documentary record of workshops aiming at streng thening young leaders in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Also in 2015 he Co founded Minka Urbana an activist collective to support communities that resist the invasion of mega mining projects. Currently he is  producing the documentary ALLPAMANDA (LIFE IS TERRITORY),  about the historical process of ecuadorian Amazon indigenous organization (CONFENIAE). 

More information available from No Lugar – Arte Contemporáneo  Gallerie.

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CV  (Short)
Producer and co-founder at Tawna Foundation, cinema from the territory.

Producer and director at LLEGO films 

Education and training.
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador │ Visual Arts Career │ 2008 / 2010.

Workshop on analysis and production of work with visual artist Eric Baudelaire (France) │ Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito │ March 2012

Documentary film workshop : “Sculpting reality” with director Maite Alberdi │ December 2021

Selected projects

• Collaboration with A4C Arts for the Commons for 23th  Biennale of Sydney, Art video: De iura Fluminis et Terrae.

• Collaboration with Peruvian artist Augusto Ballardo for 15th Cuenca Contemporary Art Biennale for the artwork Panamazonia, Arqueologia vivia, Art video Iya.

• NAW! Collective exhibition invited by No Lugar-plataforma de arte contemporáneo, 
Cuenca, Ecuador

• Production of documentary ALLPAMANDA, Life is territory . Selected as a National Geographic Explorer project.

• Direction of documentary "We are the voices of resistance" co directed with Leo Cerda

• Trainer for workshops to strengthen the defense of territory through film and audiovisual for young indigenous leaders of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

• Production and Photography direction for TUKU Short Film directed by Sani Montahuano/ Tawna Films . Part of the exhibition "Pero la luz será mañana para los más: Cine y vidas indigenas" at the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid. Official selection for Toronto film festival, Camara lucida experimental film festival, among others.

• Art direction of the film "Huaquero" by Juan Carlos Donoso (post production)

• Video production for Amazon Sacred Headwaters initiative and Land is Life organizations.


• Direction and production for  Nicola Cruz "AIMA" Music Video clip.

• Direction and production of documentary Arcoiris de Opresión ( Official selection for Festival de Cine Radical in Bolivia, El Lugar Sin Limites Film festival in Ecuador, among others)
2017- 2016

• Direction and production for  Nicola Cruz "ARKA" Music Video clip.

• Producer of the work "Horamen" by Adrian Balseca for Alabado Museum in Quito,Ecuador.

• Co Founder of the collective Minka Urbana, Alternativas Vivas created to support territories affected by large-scale mining in Ecuador.

• Instructor for Contemporary Art  Residency at Pujinostro Graff art festival,
Pujili- Ecuador
• Organizer of Defensa de la Natura Residency, Achik Yaku (comunidad) with No-lugar Gallery, Intag/ Quito- Ecuador

• Group exhibition curated by Eric Baudelaire (France) Centro de arte Contemporáneo Quito, Ecuador

• SCREEN, International art-video exhibition, H2O art gallery, Barcelona, Spain

• Fricción – ficción, collective exhibition of contemporary drawing, El conteiner gallery, Quito, Ecuador

• What If... art-video exhibition at No Lugar-plataforma de arte contemporáneo, Quito, Ecuador / Caracas, Venezuela

• Comic Sans , collective exhibition from Brazil and Ecuador for Centro de arte Contemporáneo , Quito, Ecuador

• Everness, collective exhibition at Alianza Francesa , Quito, Ecuador

• Mucho Más Al Sur collective exhibition at PROCESO art gallery, Cuenca, Ecuador

• Apoteca Herbolaria, International Contemporary Art festival AL Sur ich, Iglesia Tumbaco, Quito, Ecuador