(WIP) 90 minutes. 2022-...
Co directed with Byron Toledo
The Machángara River rises in the foothills of the Atacazo hill south of the city of Quito, its waters flow cleanly down several streams, irrigating and feeding a complex ecosystem of Andean forest that is reduced as it approaches the urban area.

As it enters the city, it gradually becomes polluted; drains, pipes and sewers channel waste into its waters. Hospitals, factories, houses, housing complexes and other city architecture drain into the river. Passing under an avenue, a large pipe pours the sewage of the historic center, covering it with whitish foam that changes the color of the river and accompanies it for the rest of its journey.

Traveling an approximate 27 km where its waters and landscape are transformed by the contact with the city and its waste, this journey brings us closer to the look of the river and shows us what this landscape hides and our effects on the territory. The river looks at us.