(WIP)  Experimental Documentary / 2019 - ?

Colaboration with Diego Vites.

Diego is a tourist who comes across a painting that takes him on a journey to the community of Tigua, located in the Ecuadorian Andes. Here he discovers a strong tradition in painting and meets Julio Toaquiza, the first painter of the community. Diego explores the world of Kichwa art, and in his journey he connects with the actions of his predecessor, a Hungarian Jewish artist named Olga Fisch who after her arrival in the community in the 70's significantly changed the value of painting in this community. Diego allows himself to be enveloped by this Andean warmth to the point of becoming part of its rituality. After a final party, life becomes painting and Diego receives a drum from Julio Toaquiza as part of his transmutation into Olga Fisch and her colonialist intervention.